In Progress! We are working as quickly as we can to provide you with the skills and knowledge to care for your family and community. Please check back tomorrow as we will be adding to this section as often as possible.

Here are some of the topics that you can look forward to seeing posts and videos about:

  • Wellness Protocol – how to support and maintain your health during this time, including the recipe and instruction guide to make and use our Fortify immune tonic
  • Supportive Protocol – how to support the body through recovery in the event that you or a loved one becomes ill, including the recipe and instruction guide to make and use our Defend formula
  • Kitchen apothecary tools – a guide to what you already have on hand that you can use to make botanical medicines at home
  • Medicine making – instructional videos to teach you the basics of making botanical medicines
  • Sinus care – how to use a Neti pot, make a DIY neti pot rinsing solution, and lymphatic drainage demos
  • Caregiving – how to reduce transmission when caring, how to keep a sick loved one comfortable, what to feed the ill, hydration techniques, and fever management
  • First Aid Skills – how to identify the signs and symptoms of Covid-19, how to determine respirations per minute, how to check the heart rate, how to identify the signs of cyanosis, and identifying the signs of dehydration
  • Mental health – grounding techniques, concerns with children